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1) Roof – coloured tin plate
2) metal-plastic door and window
3) thermal insulation 0.15 cm
4) on the floor - laminate
5) Treatment of walls with protective paint
6) Electricity
7) Water and sewage wiring
8) Waterproofing of the bathroom and tile-metlakh

The approximate price of the square is $500 (the price is calculated individually)

Excavation of point foundation, packing and concreting of milk squares (troubakvadrat), then arrangement of wooden structure (floor, walls, roof), treatment of the structure with silicates (on fire and worm), covering of the roof (tin tile), packing of panels (abshivki),
(thermal insulation) packing of fiberglass/cotton in the floor, walls and roof, after that electrical wiring, tiling of the bathroom, which includes: wiring of pipes and laying of tiles, also in the kitchen, only the tile goes on a specific tile in the place of your choice, where the kitchen furniture will be placed. Door-window installation, balcony arrangement. You will furnish the cottage from the ground up, you will only bring in the appliances and furniture.

Starting from 30kV and up to maximum 60kV to negotiate the first class project.

We hand over the project in 2-3 weeks, in case of quantity, all the cottages are built and loaded at the same time.

We build throughout Georgia.

Yes, we have interest-free installments in CREDO bank. We provide you with an invoice, which will indicate the cost of the project.

Our company can offer you not only the construction of a wooden cottage, but also the construction of concrete and iron structures.

After the agreement of the project, 50% of the total amount is paid as an advance, after which the first stage of construction will be completed. 40% before the start of the second stage and 10% after the end.

We mainly use Russian / Belarusian pine, we use larch material for the terrace floor.